Below we have listed a collection of the latest publications of members of the Lipid Research Center.

Beyond Oil and Water – Phase Transitions in Cells

Hyman, A. A., and Simons, K. 
2012 Science. 337, 1047–1049

Effects of diet and development on the Drosophila lipidome

Carvalho, M., Sampaio, J. L., Palm, W., Brankatschk, M., Eaton, S., and Shevchenko, A. (2012) Mol Syst Biol. 10.1038/msb.2012.29

Lipoproteins in Drosophila melanogaster—Assembly, Function, and Influence on Tissue Lipid Composition

Palm, W., Sampaio, J. L., Brankatschk, M., Carvalho, M., Mahmoud, A., Shevchenko, A., and Eaton, S. (2012) PLoS Genet. 8, e1002828

Rab5 is necessary for the biogenesis of the endolysosomal system in vivo

Zeigerer, A., Gilleron, J., Bogorad, R. L., Marsico, G., Nonaka, H., Seifert, S., Epstein-Barash, H., Kuchimanchi, S., Peng, C. G., Ruda, V. M., Conte-Zerial, P. D., Hengstler, J. G., Kalaidzidis, Y., Koteliansky, V., and Zerial, M. (2012) Nature. 485, 465–470

Elucidating membrane structure and protein behavior using giant plasma membrane vesicles

Sezgin, E., Kaiser, H.-J., Baumgart, T., Schwille, P., Simons, K., and Levental, I. (2012) Nat Protoc. 7, 1042–1051

Flexibility of a Eukaryotic Lipidome – Insights from Yeast Lipidomics

Klose, C., Surma, M. A., Gerl, M. J., Meyenhofer, F., Shevchenko, A., and Simons, K. (2012) PLoS ONE. 7, e35063

Shotgun lipidomics on a LTQ Orbitrap mass spectrometer by successive switching between acquisition polarity modes.

Schuhmann, K., Almeida, R., Baumert, M., Herzog, R., Bornstein, S. R., and Shevchenko, A. (2012) J. Mass. Spectrom. 47, 96–104

Quantitative analysis of the lipidomes of the influenza virus envelope and MDCK cell apical membrane

Gerl, M. J., Sampaio, J. L., Urban, S., Kalvodova, L., Verbavatz, J. M., Binnington, B., Lindemann, D., Lingwood, C. A., Shevchenko, A., Schroeder, C., and Simons, K. (2012) The Journal of Cell Biology. 196, 213–221

LipidXplorer: A Software for Consensual Cross-Platform Lipidomics

Herzog, R., Schuhmann, K., Schwudke, D., Sampaio, J. L., Bornstein, S. R., Schroeder, M., and Shevchenko, A. (2012) PLoS ONE. 7, e29851

Molecular Convergence of Bacterial and Eukaryotic Surface Order

Kaiser, H. J., Surma, M. A., Mayer, F., Levental, I., Grzybek, M., Klemm, R. W., Da Cruz, S., Meisinger, C., Muller, V., Simons, K., and Lingwood, D. (2011) J. Biol. Chem. 286, 40631–40637

Lateral sorting in model membranes by cholesterol-mediated hydrophobic matching

Kaiser, H. J., Orlowski, A., Rog, T., Nyholm, T. K. M., Chai, W., Feizi, T., Lingwood, D., Vattulainen, I., and Simons, K. (2011) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 108, 16628–16633

Generic Sorting of Raft Lipids into Secretory Vesicles in Yeast

Surma, M. A., Klose, C., Klemm, R. W., Ejsing, C. S., and Simons, K. (2011) Traffic. 12, 1139–1147

Cholesterol modulates glycolipid conformation and receptor activity

Lingwood, D., Binnington, B., Róg, T., Vattulainen, I., Grzybek, M., Coskun, Ü., Lingwood, C. A., and Simons, K. (2011) Nat Chem Biol. 7, 260–262