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    Structure of membrane
    Cell Polarity, homeostasis

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Project Description

Formation and maintenance of epithelial sheets are key processes during embryogenesis, organ formation and disease. To form functional tissue, epithelial cells compartmentalize their plasma membrane into apical, lateral and basal domains with distinct molecular composition and function. My group aims to understand how mechano-chemical interaction networks at the cell membrane drive the formation of epithelial compartmentalization. We conceptualize the membrane – cortex interface as a composite material of four layers (from outside to inside): (anti)adhesion, lipid membrane, adapter layer, cortex layer. To understand how these layers function and how they are coupled with one another we combine biochemical reconstitutions, 3D super-resolution STED microscopy and 3D cell culture. Currently we focus on the structure and function of the apical junctional complex, because it is a critical integration point for epithelial adhesion, polarization and signalling.

Our long term goal is to understand how polarization, e.g. compartmentalization, couples to cell fate decision during developmental processes like organogenesis. To answer this question, we started to set-up an organoid system (neural tube), which will enable us to systematically perturb polarization in the context of differentiation and characterize the system with high spatio-temporal resolution.

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