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The technologies for single cell metabolomics are coming of age using novel cell sampling and sensitive mass spectrometry approaches. The two more widely using technological approaches to date are Microarray for Mass Spectrometry (MAMS) and Capillary Electrophoresis- Mass Spectrometry.
Dr. Ramanathan’s group is interested in studying single cell metabolomics of skeletal muscle satellite calls and a developing embryo. We will isolate pax 7+ve satellite cells from mice. We will also culture developing zebrafish embryos and collect them at various cell stages up to the 64-cell stage and analyze both lipid and aqueous metabolites.
We plan to develop the ability to perform metabolomics on live systems without fixation, solvent extraction and drying. Therefore, open questions in satellite cell activation, and  embryonic development including the yet unknown underlying mechanisms of embryonic mitochondrial segregation and quality control will become possible to answer using this technology.

  • Collection of Lipid Center relevant Publications

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