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    Liver Steatosis

Project Description

The aim of the Zerial group is to elucidate the molecular basis of early endosome structure and function. The group has pioneered the study of small GTPases in endosome transport, with the discovery that Rab5 is an essential component of early endosome biogenesis. By reconstituting Rab5, effectors and SNAREs in synthetic endosomes, it was possible to demonstrate that the Rab5 machinery is necessary for endosome fusion. Silencing Rab5 in mouse liver causes a dramatic depletion of the entire endo-lysosomal system. The function of Rab5 is to regulate the assembly of a multi-protein machinery that confers functional properties to early endosomes, such as specific membrane tethering, fusion and motility. It is now important to understand the molecular mechanism of the Rab5 effectors. For example, the Rab5 effector EEA1 is a tethering molecule. Upon binding, Rab5 induces a change in flexibility of EEA1, generating an entropic collapse force that pulls the captured vesicle towards the target membrane to initiate docking and fusion (Murray, Jahnel et al., Nature 2016).
Work in collaboration with Shashi Thutupalli and Madan Rao at the NCBS aims at analysing the biochemical and physical properties of Rab5 effector recruitment and formation of multi-protein complexes. We are now ready to transfer the knowledge on these biochemical and cellular systems to the scale of tissue organization and function, using the mammalian liver as system. In particular, we are studying the alterations in metabolic (accumulation of lipid droplets), signalling and trafficking (endosomal) pathways in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Fig.: Scheme of Rab5 and its effectors on the early endosome membrane

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