Mukund Thattai

NCBS | Group Leader

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  • Basic Research

    Cell Polarity, homeostasis

Project Description

How does cellular complexity emerge from microscopic disorder? As a physicist practicing biology, I am interested in how cells are organised and function. I study the dynamic endomembrane organelles of eukaryotic cells, and the network of vesicles that traffic cargo between them. I wish to understand how local molecular interactions generate the global membrane traffic network.

What genomic variations drive the diversity of membrane traffic across species?
How do organelles maintain their identity despite constant molecular exchange?
How do cells use membrane traffic to regulate distributed biochemical activities?

I combine eukaryotic genomics, mathematical models, and cell-biological experiments to address these issues. I use eukaryotic cellular and genomic diversity as sources of interesting new systems and questions. I develop rigorous tools to convert cell-biological hypotheses into mathematical models, in collaboration with computer scientists. I frame predictions in terms of specific molecules and phenotypes, and test these in collaboration with experimental cell biologists.

Fig.: We use the membrane traffic system as a window to understand the mechanism and evolution of complex cellular traits.

  • Collection of Lipid Center relevant Publications

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