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Project Description

Our long-term scientific interest is to understand cellular communication mediated by lipid molecules generated by the metabolism of phosphatidylinositol. Phosphoinositide signals provide molecular control for key subcellular processes such as membrane remodelling, cytoskeletal function, transcription and translation. Through these processes, this signalling pathway orchestrates basic cellular behaviours such as cell division, shape changes, polarized movement and cell death and this plays a key role in a number of physiological processes including early embryogenesis, lymphocyte development and function as well as neuronal activity. The overall goal of our work is to understand how the architecture this signalling cascade is designed to optimally deliver physiological outputs. The work is multidisciplinary and done using a combination of Drosophila and human disease models. Over the last year we have uncovered the function of key enzymes that regulate lipid signaling and provided a molecular mechanism by which they control cellular processes. These include the mechanism by which lipid molecules are exchanged between cellular compartments, the control of membrane turnover and receptor activity by lipids and a quantitative model of the turnover of lipids during critical cell signaling reaction important for brain function. We also study the function of phosphoinositides in neuronal cell biology and brain disorders using human iPSC derived neural cells in cell culture. The goal of this work is to uncover the function of altered phosphoinositide signaling in brain disorders.

  • Collection of Lipid Center relevant Publications

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