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Mayor laboratory collaborates with :

Andre Nadler: On the synthesis of lipid probes to study membrane organization
Here we will:

  1. Synthesize PS based probes that can be photoactivated to modulate the levels of PS at the plasma membrane. This would provide an efficient system to tune membrane (inner leaflet) composition and see its effect on membrane order and investigate any consequent homeostasis mechanisms in place.
  2. Synthesize probes where PS is tagged to a solvatochromic backbone in order to measure liquid order parameter from the inner leaflet of the plasma membrane
  3. While synthesis of the probes will be in Dresden, studies on membrane organization in different contexts will be carried out in Bangalore.

Suzanne Eaton: To study membrane organizational homeostasis

Study of membrane order homeostasis in-vivo using drosophila wing disc as a model system. Flies grown on different lipid diets and maintained at different temperatures (as expected to be the case in the wild with change in seasons) are expected to show homeostasis in their membrane parameters such as membrane order in viable temperature range.This would be important to operate all signalling networks with optimal efficiency at the plasma membrane. This is the idea we intend to test with this model system.

Marino Zerial
To explore the role of the CLIC/GEEC endocytic pathway in regulating hepatic bile duct tension homeostasis.
Here we will explore the contributions of the diverse endocytic pathways in the construction and maintenance of the special architecture of hepatic tissue with special emphasis on the role of the CG endocytic pathway in this process.

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